Serratia Fonticola microbe presented as a community-acquired urinary tract infection (UTI): a case report

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Atif Abdulhamid Katib Omar shaikhomar Mazen Dajam Laila Alqurashi

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Background: The case we are presenting is about one of the rare pathogens, Serratia Fonticola (SF) that may cause urinary tract infection. 

Case Presentation: A 58 years-old female presented with dysuria, suprapubic pain, frequency of micturition, and change in urine color. The patient was afebrile on physical examination; however, the urine culture was positive to SF as the sole isolate. The patient received levofloxacin tables (750 mg) once a day for 5 days along with supportive instructions to improve hygiene. On follow-up, she was free of symptoms and the repeated urine culture was negative.



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Conclusion: This case can be considered globally the third that diagnosed in the urine culture of the asymptomatic patient.


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