The new norm in the management of COVID-19 positives: home-based care

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Olayinka Stephen Ilesanmi Abolanle Adesile Oguntoye Aanuoluwapo Adeyimika Afolabi

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Background: The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has disrupted health systems globally and locally. The increasing number of COVID-19 positives has overwhelmed healthcare facilities and health workers. Home-based care (HBC) is a new norm in the management of COVID-19 positives. We aimed to give insight into the HBC of COVID-19 positives in Nigeria.

Methods: We conducted a descriptive review of the existing literature and summarized the authors' opinions regarding HBC in Nigeria.

Results: HBC has increasingly gained recognition for the management of COVID-19 positives. The HBC of COVID-19 positives provides the opportunity for patient management under an atmosphere of emotional, physical, and spiritual fulfillment as required for quick recovery. Guidelines have been developed for HBC of COVID-19 positives; however, negligence to these measures has been noted.

Conclusion: To ensure compliance and harness HBC's benefits, community leaders, religious organizations, civil-based organizations, and opinion leaders should be actively involved in HBC activities. Also, enforcement authorities such as the Civil Defence Corps could help to improve adherence to HBC restrictions.

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